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Computer and Network Security

Computer and Network Security:

Use hard to guess passwords.

Don't save it as plain text in your file. Don't use your friend's name, your birthday as password, these are all easy to guess. A good way of choose a hard to guess but easy to remember password are to come up with a sentence like " let us go to westlake to swim", and use he first letter of every words "lugtwts" as your password. And it's much better if your passwords include letters as well as digits.

Never download software from anonymous site, they may be full of Adware, Spyware and Advertising Trojans

Adware are usually tied to a dodgy some shareware purchased commercial software you have installed, and may collect personal information from your computer. And they uses you computer resource and the machine become slower and slower. Trojan Horses are programs for the specific purpose of violating your privacy, stealing data, attacking your computer.

Be careful to always do virus scan before open any email attachment file

Be aware of virus and Trojan Horses sent via Email. Always remember to process virus check before download any email attachment. Never run any attached .exe file, even it's from your friends, unless they told you in advance via telephone or other way.

Do virus scan and update your virus-scan software frequently.

Schedule your computer to run virus-scanner every day, every time you restart your machine. Ati-virus software can protect your computer from known virus, but new virus come out very soon, so be sure to keep get regularly updates.

Use erasers to clean up all the Internet tracks and past computer activities.

Erasers can protect your privacy by securely eliminate your Internet activity history and the trace of your computer operations. It also can find and delete Adware, Spyware and Advertising Trojans, recover the system default settings, etc.

Use firewall to protect your computer from Internet intruders.

Firewall in two directions: firewall filtering out potentially dangerous types of data from the Internet, and also prevent unauthorized persons from accessing to your computer while you're connected to the Internet. Besides, when you are not online, disconnect your computer is a good way to Protect your computer from Internet intruders.

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