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Website Promotion, Search Engine Optimization

Website Promotion: Knowledge Base

  • How to get huge traffic to your website in a short time?
  • How to get return visitors?
  • Effective ways for website promoting.
  • Website promotion, pay for click, pay for sale

How to get huge traffic to your website in a short time?

Once you build a great website, the following step is to let more and more people knows it. And for a business site, to also let visitors become customers.

How to get huge traffic to your website in a short time? Following are some effective ways for website promotion: submit you site to as many search engine as possible, submit your site to web directories, exchange links with other sites, use newsletter and maillist etc.

Since search engines are the most effective way of drawing traffic to your site, you may want your website to be listed in search engines, with high rank, list in the top10/100 of search result. Sometimes you can pay for rank, or use pay per-click Ad words.

You can also promote your website by the following ways if possible: give out free items like guestbook, software, ebook, subdomain name, web space. For example, users of the free subdomain name as "" advertise your domain name automatically.

How to get return visitors?
Returning visitors tend to become customers. Once you have people coming by your website, you may think about getting people come back. Following are some tips:

  • Make sure to update your Web site frequently.
  • Use what's new or events section in your page.
  • Offer online contest, discount, and coupons.
  • Ask them to join Emaillist to remind people when you update your site.
  • Having a good message board may always attract returning visitors.

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