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E-Commerce: Knowledge Base

How to turn your site visitors into buyers?

  • Simple- Let it be simple for customer to see the product description and price, to place order. Don't let visitors come across many pages; they'll possibly leave your site earlier. Don't ask unnecessary questions when they are placing order.
  • Search - Build effective search feature on your site. The most suitable items the search result, the most likely the customer will buy.
  • Clear - Describe your product very clearly, with pictures and texts. Picture should be easy to load. Don't make any confusion, otherwise customer will feel be cheated later. Clearly state return policy
  • Communicate - Let customer can submit ticket or chat online with supporter. List an telephone number so buyer can easily contact a person if they like. Besides an auto reply email, also reply your customer by person.
  • Safe - Let shoppers feel safe before submit credit card number and home address. Reassure them by a brief security and privacy guarantee. Logos from third party verifiers are also helpful.
  • Price - Afford comparable price, online only discount, coupons and free shipping etc.

How to keep customers

It's easier to get an old customer to buy again and again than to get a new customer. So Worship them, contact with them and send email with new products description, give them promotion code.

Accept credit card on your site - Accept payment solution provider

Did you know that when you accept credit cards, you could expect your sales to increase by an astounding 50 to 400%? Following are some solution providers to help you get paid, from credit cards to micro-payments:

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