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What's the domain extension means? Domain Extension Rules.

Basic Rules

Use only letters, numbers, or hyphen ("-") .
Cannot begin or end with a hyphen .

General Extensions

.com: -commercial. It's the most popular extension in the world.

.net: -network. It's usually used for internet related companies.

.org - organization. Most users of .org are non-profit organizations, clubs, or trade associations.

.biz - business. Used for small- to medium-sized business sites.

.info - information. It's used for credible Web site resources that provide information on various topics to its visitors.

.ws - web site. To be used for both commercial and personal sites.

.name - to be used for personal sites.

.gov - government. Designed for use by government.

Country-Specific Extensions

.ac - Ascension Island

.as - American Samoa

.be - Belgium

.ca - Canada

.cc - Cocos (Keeling) Islands

.cn - China

.de - Germany

.dk - Denmark

.fm - Micronesia

.fr - France

.gs - South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands

.jp - Japan

.il - Israel

.kz - Kazakstan

.lt - Lithuania

.ms - Montserrat

.nz - New Zealand

.ph - Philippines

.ro - Romania

.sh - St. Helena

.st - São Tom?and Principe

.tc - Turks and Caicos Islands

.tf - French Southern Territories

.to - Tonga

.tv - Tuvalu

.uk - United Kingdom

.us - United States

.vg - British Virgin Islands

.za - South Africa

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