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List of world's Best Domain Name Registrars.

Domain registrars

  • Register -is one of the biggest domain registrars in the world. If you are a big company, you might want to register here.
    $35 1year for .com .net .org .biz .info .name .
  • DotSter -One of the world's leading ICANN accredited registrars, Dotster has registered more than 1 million domain names and is known for it's great value and innovative technologies. $14 for .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us, .name / $20 for .ca / $29.99 for .bz / $39.99 for .cc / $89.99 2yr for .nu / $50 for .tv / $70 2yr for .ws/ $129.95 for .md / $249.95 for .sr
  • Godaddy -is one of the cheapest domain registrars in the world. Good support. -DNS manage , parking page , URL forward , URL forward mask and Email forward included.
    $8.95-$4.95 for .com .net .org .biz .info .us .ws .name
  • Mydomain -DNS manage, URL forwarding, URL forward Mask and Email forward include. Create multiple subdomains and much more. Their Stealth Redirection have Pass Subdirectories features options. You can use their free DNS services regardless where you register it.
    $8.5 .net .org .biz .info .us .name .sr .nu .ws .tv
  • DotFM - .FM Domain Name Registration & Service
    About $95 1yr for .fm .am .Tv
  • DotTV - .tv Domain Name Registration & Service. can register many types of names
    $39 for .tv/ $8.75 to $95 for .com, .net, .org, .biz, .infor, .name, .fm, .am, .tv, .la, .md, .us, .ca, .ws, .nu, .bz, .cc, .tk, .cn, .tw, .sg, .jp, .pl, .ag, .uk, .de, .se, .at, .be, .tc, .ms, .gs, .vg, .ac, .sh, .io, .eu etc.
  • DotTK - .tk Domain Name Registration & Service

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